Asia Cup 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates, Timings, Teams List, Format & Hosting Country,  All You Need To Know


Asia cup 2022 is finally rescheduled after its delay in 2020 due to covid protocols and conditions. The Asia cup is basically a cricket tournament where the top 6 countries of Asia in playing cricket enter the game. The team can Qualify in the tournaments on two bases the country should be a part of Asia and the team must be also Qualified in ICC tournaments.

As the schedule for the same is been out and is been disclosed to the public. Asian cricket fans are looking forward to the tournaments as an entertainments booster by seeing their favorite team play in the tournament. So here is all about Asia Cup 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates, Timings, Teams List, Format & Hosting Country.

Asia Cup 2022 Schedule: Teams List, Format & Hosting Country

The team list of the qualified countries is out as they can get qualified on two bases are the team nation should be a part of Asia continent and is been qualified to play ICC cricket league. There is 6 team in Asia that will face each other at tournaments matches. So take a look at the Asia Cup 2022 Qualified team for where the last team will be decided out of the qualifier league which will take place in August this year.

Sr No.Teams
2Sri Lanka
6The winner of Qualifier League.

The cricket matches will be played in T20 International format where the team will face each other for 20 innings over per side the team with maximum runs wins the match. The tournament matches are fixed in a Round-robin format where there will be 2 Qualifiers match to let the team Qualify in the Finals. The country to host will be Sri Lanka and is been decided in February.

Asia Cup 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates & Timings

The timings for Asia Cup 2022 is not been out yet as the schedule for the same has not been confirmed and disclosed to the public. The timings, Dates, and fixtures will be out shortly after the disclosure of the information. The probability of Asia Cup 2022 to get started around October 2022 2nd or 3rd week after finishing up with the Qualifier tournament for the same. Stay updated on the page to get live and complete updates on Asia Cup 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates, Timings.

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